Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet - "Everlasting Love" (#8 of 1981)

"Everlasting Love" was originally written for Robert Knight in 1967.  It has been remade many times, with the most popular versions including U2, Gloria Estefan, Carl Carlton and even Louise Mandrell (as a Country & Western hit.)

Rex Smith, a Broadway actor/singer, appeared in the musicals Grease, Sunset Boulevard and The Pirates of Penzance. He joined Rachel Sweet for "Everlasting Love", which did crack the Billboard's Top 40 in 1981.

The video, featuring Rex Smith (wearing big 80's sunglasses, a headband and tight leather pants) and Rachel Sweet (arriving all in white on a motorcycle), shows the couple exchanging their wedding vows using the lyrics of the song in front of a confused preacher.  Cute video, I've always liked the song itself and this version is pure pop perfection.

My Personal Chart Data:

Debuted: August 9th, 1981

Peak Position: #1 (September 13th, 1981)

Number of Weeks: 12


Another popular version in the UK was from German singer, Sandra, in 1988.  Definitely a fun, upbeat video; it features Sandra and others in various different costumes/settings.

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